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Color Of These LED Bulbs Can Be Changed Or Intensity Manipulated Through The Jaquar Lighting App Available On IPhone App Store And Google Playstore. 

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Smart bulbs for smart homes

The right lighting is the key to brighten up your home and make every moment special. But, often we have to adjust according to the light rather than adjusting the lighting according to our mood and occasion.

Not anymore! Jaquar Lighting has the perfect solution for your home and celebrations. Vivid smart lamps are here to set up your mood lighting and help you set the tone for the day or the evening! Now you can control the colour and intensity of your lights with these Vivid Smart Bulbs and let your home match your mood! All you need to create this remarkable setting is your smartphone. With just a click of a button, you can intensely manipulate the colours of your home through The Jaquar Lighting App, available on the iPhone App Store And Google Play Store. Go smart with these smart LED bulbs! Play with the settings and turn it warm, or cold, bright or light and tweak it according to your preference with these smart lights!
Now that you have set the mood for your perfect date and have the perfect lighting, it is time to brew some coffee and get this date going!

Smart Lights for smart lighting solutions

Light is what turns each moment in our lives extraordinary and memorable, and that is why it is extremely important to choose the right light to make your space seem gorgeous and the moments spent in it marvelous. The colourful, Jaquar Lighting Vivid Smart bulbs are here to light up your life and turn your home into a Vivid Smart home! With easy steps and with the help of your smartphone, you can turn your home into the most desirable and luxurious space you’ve ever seen! Jaquar Lighting has designed these products to make your life easy, exciting and contactless, and these smart bulbs are all that you need to set the perfect ambience in your homes. So it's time to make some changes and dim your romantic dates and brighten up your parties with easily controllable lights.
You can adjust your space with the tip of your finger, and all you have to do is download the Vivid Jaquar Lighting App, available on the iPhone App Store and Google Playstore, and get ready to witness the magic with a single touch of a screen. Isn’t it unbelievable how all the features on a single app can brighten your lives?
Investing in these smart lights is a smart step into the future!